As many OIRAN were trendsetters of the day and connected to many important figures in history, they were also portrayed in KABUKI stories. Many well-known OIRAN appear in these stories as heroins or central plot characters.

Below a triptych that portraits the well known evening parade in the YOSHIWARA accompanied by a historic hero.

kabuki print

Terrific panoramic view of the Yoshiwara from the kabuki play commonly known at "Sukeroku." At lower right, the elderly Ikyu escorts his favorite courtesan, the beautiful Agemaki, along the boulevard. He stares ahead with shock as he sees his rival for the beauty's affections, the street knight Sukeroku, admonishing a man sitting on the ground. Sukeroku wears a black kimono, and holds a tray of food in his outstretched hand. People look on with interest, watching the confrontation, while at lower right, Ikyu's servant leans forward aggressively as he starts to draw his sword to defend his master if needed. Blossoming cherry trees fill the fenced garden in the center, and the large wooden gates to the district frame the scene at right. A lively design with wonderful detail in the setting. (Text Fuji-arts)

Artist - Edo era artist (not read) possibly UTAGAWA SADAHIDE
Image Size - 13 1/2" x 29 1/2" or 34.29cm x 74.93cm