oiran by KUNISATO


TAYÛ term for highest level courtesan in KYOTO, the old capital
OIRAN term for highest level courtesan in TOKYO, the new capital
KAMURO generally defined as 6-10 year old girl or boy attendants.
OIRANDÔCHU special evening stroll by the TAYÛ and OIRAN down the lanes of the pleasure distrcit, to show themselves to the public.
SHIMABARA pleasure district in KYOTO
pleasure district in TOKYO
later in a different location the NEW YOSHIWARA
SHINMACHI pleasure district in OSAKA
MARUYAMA pleasure district in NAGASAKI
SHUNGA term for erotic pictures
HACHIMONJI oiran gait, a complicated way of walking invented by a legendary courtesan KATSUYAMA
KATSUYAMA The following is taken from:
Women of the Pleasure Quarters The Secret History of the Geisha By LESLEY DOWNER
(C) 2001 Lesley Downer All rights reserved. ISBN: 0-7679-0489-3

Katsuyama became so popular that she outshone all the tayu of the Yoshiwara. In 1653, after a brawl between a bunch of townsfolk and some rival samurai, the authorities closed down the bathhouse. Katsuyama was head-hunted by one of the top Yoshiwara bordellos, which gave her instant promotion to tayu. When she made her first grand procession down the main boulevard of the quarter to an assignation with a client, the great courtesans were so curious about this up- start that they all turned out to watch. They were so impressed with the cocky way in which she kicked out her feet in the "figure of eight" walk and with her distinctive topknot that the "Katsuyama gait" and the "Katsuyama knot" continued to be in vogue for a century afterward.
YÛJO term for courtesan
YÛKAKU walled-in pleasure quarters